Into the Heart of the Drake Passage

The heart of the Drake Passaage

From Ushuaia, at the very southern tip of Argentina, we can access pretty good weather forecasts looking 3-5 days ahead; our biggest concern has been the winds in the Drake Passage, notoriously one of the windiest places on earth. As we leave Ushuaia the predictions are that it won’t blow above 30 mph for the next three days, which is optimistic. In fact, it is glassy and calm when we pull away from the dock …

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  1. Go get ‘em Jon. Safely, though!

  2. my eyes follow your track…. blindfolded.

  3. JB blowing alot thru Drakes or what’s happin’ ? hppy trails

  4. Hope all is going smoothly! Looking forward to your next update!

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