Wildebeest In A Rainstorm: A New Book

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Fifteen years ago, sitting around an open fire at Hog Ranch above the sprawling suburbs of Nairobi, junkyard dogs howling in the near distance, the now-mandatory 24/7 armed guards lurking in the shadows, I asked my friend Peter Beard how he managed to maintain even a slim modicum of optimism about his once-beloved Kenya given the urban blight squeezing out the African wildlife.

His response was perfect, Beardian: “I just hunker down like a wildebeest in a rainstorm and wait until the sun comes out again.”

As I often did during my six months as his Boswellian sidekick roaming the bush, I marveled at his late night profundity. And now I’ve borrowed from him for the title of a brand new collection of profiles of some of the adventurers, conservationists, shagbags and wanderers I’ve had the privilege of traveling with, writing about and befriending during the past two decades.

From dogsledding in the high arctic with Sir Richard Branson to rafting some of the last great whitewater rivers with Bobby Kennedy Jr., from an early profile of President Obama’s new energy czar Carol Browner to musings with David Brower, father of America’s modern environmental movement, I’ve often and fortunately been graced by the company of some of our most intriguing minds and imaginative explorers.

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