No Job Freeze in Antarctica

Feeling the pinch of the crashing international economy? The U.K.’s “Telegraph” reports on a job boom … in Antarctica. Apparently the British Antarctic Survey advertised thirty eight job openings at its Antarctic stations – looking for plumbers, carpenters, electricians and chefs – and were overwhelmed by responses. Last year when it sought to fill the same jobs, it received one hundred applications. This year? So many its website crashed.

Audrey Stevens, a BAS spokesman, said: “There’s nothing to spend your money on when you’re out there. You’ll have a fat bank account when you come back.”

In the United States, Colorado-based Raytheon does all the hiring for the three American bases – McMurdo, the Scott-Amundsen South Pole station and Palmer – and currently advertises twenty two job openings, ranging from boiler mechanic to human resources/finances specialist. For working conditions, check out Werner Herzog’s Academy Award-nominated documentary, “Encounters at the End of the World.”

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